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Hello Gorgeous Ones

I am Clare Deale, an Intuitive Mentor, Seer, Medical Intuitive and Energy Worker who supports souls to remember, embody and reclaim who they are and their gifts. 

I hold a powerful space for people to discover, honour and come to see where they are stuck on any level (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and guide them gently back to themselves, so they know and trust without a shadow of a doubt who they are and their own abilities, at every turn.  


I love helping people awaken to their own infinite power and seeing the light come back into their lives as they return to health on every level is a truly exciting, rewarding and profound experience.

My goal in life is to provide the space and support for individuals as they remember who they are, that they are worthy of their own trust and have their own backs no matter what happens so they go on to live a life that is in flow and alignment with their higher selves.

My Offerings

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I hope this day is treating you well and whatever energies and emotions you are experiencing you are surrendering, trusting and most importantly Loving yourself (whoever that is at the time) through ALL of it!!

If you are ready to decode your body, activate your gifts, and write a new story and getting a nudge to work with me, have a look at which of my offerings suit your individual needs and are a good fit for you so we can start this adventure together.


Illumination Training


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I have worked with such a variety of beautiful woman that have been aware for many years to those just on the cusp.  They have been looking for that breakthrough, that part of the puzzle that has eluded them until now.  Read what some of these incredible souls who have worked with me or taken part in my training have to share about their experiences.  I am humbled, honoured and so, so grateful to have been able to to support these woman in recognising, remembering and reclaiming every aspect of themselves.


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Soul activation training brought me back to myself in ways I could not before fathom.   All my life searching, looking, yearning for what was inside of me all along. As I look back, I understand I was always on this path and I am so grateful I followed my ping here.  To walk alongside these women, under the nurturing guidance of Clare, to share our wisdom and gifts to open, to soften, to return to love and to heart.   The learnings from within this container have given me the foundations to activate my remembrance.  To know in my very being that I have and always have had EVERYTHING I NEED within me.    To live in my life in my heart space to truly love and embody my joy.  This 'work' is LIFE - there is no Divide.

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Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we will cross paths with a special soul who will see us for all that we can be. Accepting us just as we are; our flaws, our blessings and our lessons - knowing what’s in front of us - if we allow it. Guiding us through the depths of our soul in our remembering of all that we came here to be.  This space that Clare has created is life changing. If you’ve been craving a place where you can truly explore all that you’re capable of, this is it.  The entire group has been a safe place to be vulnerable and honest about who I am, who I want to be and who I can be - even if I don’t always believe it. The tools, the practices and the lessons have been so much easier to integrate than I thought and I’ve been able to discover gifts I never even knew I had.  Working on myself in this capacity with this kind of group has given me a new level of confidence, clarity and self -belief. Not to mention the heart felt connections sharing this journey with so many gifted, talented and just beautiful women. Thank you thank you thank you dear Clare, your magic is unsurpassable.

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My soul applied for this course. I didn’t know why and I didn’t need to. I have been blown out of the water, onto an entirely new field, an entirely new way of being in this life. The empowerment I now feel to simply be, to trust my own knowing, to live from the heart space, to express my truth, to accept myself in all facets, to take responsibility for my own life, to allow my higher self to take the lead... is unparalleled. I am eternally grateful for the way Clare holds space, uses discernment, encourages autonomy and embodiment in all aspects of the training. It didn’t matter if it was a small comment or a meditation, Clare’s gifts are so unique, and that they come from a place of deep acceptance, trust, and love is palpable in each and every word. There was a level of unconditional support I had never before been willing to experience, as well as a respect and engagement between everyone involved that brought the training to new heights. The way Clare held space - full of loving presence, always inviting us to trust in ourselves - encouraged each of us to rise in our own truths and knowing, not be dragged up by clinging to the “omniscient teacher”.  


When I needed support, Clare not only provided very grounded, useful and centering support, she also acknowledged wherever I was at. She found value in everything expressed, whether it be a feeling, my own insight, a lesson I was in the midst of... there was ALWAYS recognition of me as a divine being, and respect for my process. I was always seen (even when I didn’t want to see myself), and felt her love and support in that witnessing. Clare is a beautiful, incomparable teacher. I have never been so challenged, so supported and so embraced than I have in this training. It is without an ounce of doubt the best thing I have done in my entire life. To walk this road of shedding illusions, of stepping into my power, of embracing wholeheartedly all I am... I would have paid every cent I had for it has rerouted my life in the very best way. I can already see the ripple effects of the work we have done together, and it makes my heart sing.


Clare is a blessing to this world, and I feel so incredibly honoured and privileged to have worked with her and each of the divine women on the course. This has been a mind blowing part of my life where my heart has truly come out from hiding. This is my pivot point. I will look back on this course with immense feelings of gratitude, love, fondness, a sense of home, of a remembering I didn’t think was possible. I leave this training assured in every fibre of my being that I am enough, I am worthy, I am capable, I am divine, I am all I have been looking for.

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