About Me

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Hello Gorgeous Ones

I hope this day is treating you well and whatever energies and emotions you are experiencing you are surrendering, trusting and most importantly loving yourself (whoever that is at the time) through ALL of it!!

I am Clare a Seer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Worker and Mentor as well as Homeopath who uses my knowledge of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in all aspects of my work to give my clients a truly powerful experience.


My calling is to support souls in not only remembering their gifts or who they are but also in embodying and reclaiming them.


I love to see the light come back into people’s lives and have the ability to see where people are stuck on any level and to guide them gently back to themselves.  Helping people awaken to their own infinite power and watching them return to health on every level is an exciting, rewarding and profound experience.

My goal in life is to provide the space and support for individuals as they remember who they are, with the intention that they go on to live a life that is in flow and alignment with their higher selves.