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Soul Activation Training (Level 1)

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Soul Activation (Level 1) Training, offered over 6 weeks to women only, at its core is about supporting you to remember, reclaim and accept lovingly and with compassion what has happened in the past, what you still struggle with to this day as well as being open to and conscious of the fact that mistakes are an essential and valuable part of learning.


You will be held steadily by me, each other and yourself throughout the training as any fears, sense of inadequacies and doubts rise to the surface and practices and protocols are shared to give you skills to view them from a different perspective and know you have a soft place to land that isn’t reliant upon anyone else.


If there is a lack of trust and sense of safety within yourself, you hand over your power to others be it your partners, friends, family, mentors, healers/practitioners, the government and so on.  This training supports you in discovering, honouring and coming to see, know and trust without a shadow of a doubt your own abilities and selves at every turn, knowing you are worthy of your own trust and that you have your own back no matter what happens.


You will also be supported to reclaim your innate gifts and understand how your natural ability is guiding you and translating constantly in every moment and breath.  To remember you are never separate.  To joyfully feel the connection to all things without being fearful or overwhelmed and know your place amongst it.  To discern with clarity, to have integrity, to value yourself and in turn feel safe to be here on this Earth.


Throughout the training you will not only open your inner and outer World in ways that are unimaginable, you will stretch your wings and bring a sense of freedom and remembrance that is not only empowering but liberating on all fronts so you embody who you are and flourish within your own being, life and if you wish your business.


The next round of Soul Activation (Level 1) Training starts on 9th February 2022 and includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour weekly live training sessions*

  • 6 x weekly 1.5 hour live Q & A sessions*

  • 1 x one-on-one Soul Activation Mentoring session with Clare

  • Weekly Lives to answer questions further and to provide further training

  • Trio (small) group work

  • Training with other attendees

* all sessions are recorded and made available to you throughout the training.

Each round of this Training is offered to an intimate group of 10 women and is unique as I am guided to share and support the group and each individual, with tailored channelled information for those souls present in the space and time.  Payment plans are available upon agreement.

If you are feeling drawn or a pull to the Soul Activation Training (Level 1), applications for the 9th February 2022 round are now open.  To apply, simply click on the Apply Now below and complete the application form:


Future Training

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Can’t make this round of my Soul Activation (Level 1) Training? 


Register your interest for future rounds of the Soul Activation (Level 1) Training by providing your details below and you will be the first to know when enrolments open!