IlluminationTraining (6 Month)

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Illumination Training, offered over 6 months to women energy workers, psychics, hands on practitioners who have been working in their area of expertise for a minimum of one year only, who feel like they have lost their spark and inspiration, as if something is missing and are ready to access their magic and remember its potency on all levels, in all ways.

If you are a leader, trail blazer, doing the work, walk your talk yet your work has plateaued, you don’t know how to move through your upper limits, you are experiencing a lack mentality that is impacting your income and abundance, your sense of joy and excitement has faded and you keep getting in your own way, then this training is for you!

You will be held in a potent and powerful container where you will be invited to open to evolution at every turn, to go deep within, question what you believe or have believed to see what and who is beneath and work through what has held you back or limited you in anyway shape or form.  You will also hear, feel and know your own language, your own way and bring it to the Earth plane to support and help what you are currently doing to reach its full potential or to help you access another way of doing things that is yours alone.

This training is not for the faint hearted, it is for those who understand the importance of doing the inner work, not only for your clients, but for all who cross your path and mostly importantly for yourself.  Throughout the training you will have the opportunity to master and refine your craft in unique ways that light you up from the inside out as you complete your foundational work, meditations, activations and deepen your awareness around the practicalities of business.

At the end of this training, you will trust your own inner guidance more than you ever have, have the confidence to access your magic and remember its potency on all levels in all ways and experience a sense of excitement and joy as you tap into your infinite potential and take risks on yourself because you know you are worth it.


This 6 month Illumination Training starts in September 2022 and includes:

  • 24 x 2 hour bi-weekly live training sessions*

  • 6 x monthly 1.5 hour live Q & Answer sessions*

  • 3 x one-on-one Soul Activation Mentoring sessions with Clare

  • Trio (small) group work

  • Facebook group to offer support through your training

  • 4 x Masterclasses with Guest speakers

  • 1 x hand-picked Flower/Crystal Essences for bespoke vibrational support (postage included worldwide)

  • 1 x Vibrational remedies

  • 3 x meditations tailor-made to support you

  • Access to additional support between sessions via email/private message

  • Opportunity for ongoing mentorship with Clare (only available to graduates)

* all sessions are recorded and made available to you throughout the training.


  • A deepening of your understanding of self, your gifts, what makes you tick and how to work with it and thrive rather than survive in a constant state of stress or doubt.

  • Greater levels of trust in your own inner guidance more than you ever have and having the confidence with a sense of excitement and joy to take risks on yourself because you know you are worth it.

  • The ability to tap into your infinite potential, seeing and feeling your magnificence and bringing this through all levels of your three dimensional life.

  • The ability to discern and transmute patterns and stories that have been plaguing you and undermining you in all aspects of your life.

  • The mastery of lifelong tools that are individual to you and your needs, that will help support you on this journey of empowerment, Self-Love and service.

  • Stopping the energy leaks that drain you as you take concrete steps to bring your success into form.

  • Deepening your understanding and ability to support and hold space for clients

  • Understanding of energy work within business and practicalities of business as well as money/abundance blocks

This Training is offered to an intimate group of 10 women and is evolutionary as I use my knowledge, skills and natural gifts to help you see, know and reclaim yourself and all the facets that have been waiting to be seen, in your own unique way that bring about profound and permanent shifts that not only bring about Ah-ha moments but mental, emotional, physical and energetic shifts.


If you are feeling the call, have itchy feet, are craving a change and willing to dive deep to break through the glass ceiling that has held you back for so long and tap into this energy to propel yourself forward into the next powerful stage of your personal and professional life, applications for September 2022 are now open. To apply, simply click on the Apply Now below and complete the application form: