Soul Activation Mentoring

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Soul Activation Mentoring sessions allow you to go in-deep and move into your life with clarity and confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Throughout these sessions I use a wholistic approach to honour, touch on and align with mental, emotional, energetic and physical aspects of self to support you in discerning where your energy and presence is required to find balance and awareness in all aspects of life be it business, family, health and self. 

These sessions consist of a mixture of channelling, energy work and mentoring where I provide a space and support for you to see where you are stuck on any level and to be guided gently back to yourself.  This often involves accessing and touching pertinent points, core wounds, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs so you can experience breakthroughs that enable an awareness of what has held you back and take the steps forward to embody yourself and your abilities in a more conscious and empowered way.  The sessions allow you to integrate these new and deeper understandings of why you have been experiencing life in this way and most importantly how to move forward in a conscious empowered way.  You will also be given tools and practices you can work with to support you to find and maintain your centre long after your session.

If you are feeling the call to remember who you are and are ready to embody and reclaim your gifts, book in for a FREE 30 minute Connection Call to see if we are a match to work together and whether I can help you achieve your specific goals.