Diamond Consciousness Retreat

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Journey through this potent healing experience to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as consciousness and realise the power you have to heal yourself, your loved ones, humanity and our great mother Gaia.


You are in the midst of a rapid individual, global and universal awakening and you're being called to go deeper on your inner journey.


Diamond Consciousness Retreat is an intricately-woven immersion for you to learn how to use your multi-dimensional being to channel, integrate, activate and embed light codes of intelligence into the heart of Mama Gaia to reveal great awakening and clarity, an all-knowing connection with oneness, a brand new perception of life as you see it and freedom to express your truth in the world.


This retreat is a golden opportunity for the profound shift you’ve been yearning for.  


Honouring the sacred, earth and energy frequencies, you will be guided by a circle of hand-selected facilitators of ancient earth medicine and technology of the new earth.


The Diamond Consciousness Retreat includes:

  • WELCOME TO COUNTRY AND ELEMENTAL CEREMONIES (to slow down and connect deeply with our earth Mother)

  • KUNDALINI DANCE (an ecstatic tantric shamanic dance practice to create rich shifts in consciousness)

  • SHAMAN TALK 'The Five Pillars of Medicine' (to reveal the natural patterning for medicine and evolution)

  • DAILY YOGA AND MEDITATION (to reclaim your sacred nature and connect to the layers beyond the physical)

  • CACAO CEREMONY (to integrate your teachings and collectively anchor the prayers, dreams and fruits you’ll be taking out into the world)

  • LIGHT CODING AND EARTH MEDICINE (to embed and activate new light for awakening)

  • SOUND BATH (to upgrade your cellular coding through ethereal sonic soundscapes)

  • KIRTAN (divine chanting for expanded heart connection)

  • SPA HEALING (for clearing, healing and rejuvenation)

* Food and accommodation inclusive.

If you are interested in details about future retreat dates and locations, simply register your interest below and you will be the first to know when details become available!