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Arthur or Martha

Please know it’s ok if you don’t feel like yourself, you don’t know if you are Arthur or Martha and you don’t know what you want to do or just generally feel strange, ungrounded, out of sorts but for no particular reason at this point and time.

There is so much that has opened and will continue to. Light is touching places that have been in the dark, hidden etc. You can know in so ways something significant has occurred but you’re not sure what. The opening has altered a state of consciousness and brought through with it the activations for a major timeline that has been waiting for us to start to connect and work with and step into, not everyone is coming into this one and the divide felt can be disorientating.

There is a sense of being in the same room but not in the same place or time like you are watching a show they have no idea about and that can be confusing and triggering. This will occur more and more, you will get used to it overtime.

The amount of timelines ending and that have ended over these last months specifically brings about a sense of great unknown due to the fact where we’d once go to no longer exists in the way we have known it. In this we go to question what is happening and why but for most there is not enough energy for that which is beneficial otherwise the overthinking can occur and it isn’t really necessary here, it will be fully integrated when it is meant to be.

Let go of the worry or the feeling concerned something has or is going wrong. The light quota is exponentially growing and in this many, many will see how much they have done and what they thought they had but were blind to all along. They will also see how much they felt safer to embrace the dark. The shadow is being integrated, there is a significant merging and expansion occurring.

The ripples are deeply penetrative and not only renewing of cells but bring in another stream of energy to move and activate a proportion of DNA.

Understand that not all souls are going to go through this, this may cause torment and heartache, it is the way it is, their time will come if it is meant to be. Not all wish to go this way, please take care of yourself in what way you need to, endeavour to find a way to be with this process. We are awakening to what has always been here, we are remembering.

For now we can see and feel it in form because of the way the timelines, frequencies and our abilities are being embodied.

You are not alone in this no matter how strange it may feel,

Be Well, Clare xo


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