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Guided by Fear or Faith

Have you ever wondered why the children of today are having so many issues and receiving so many diagnoses?

In my own Family I have seen the acute sensitivity of my children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are born from us but they are a generation like never before.

Their way of being is foreign to many of us, our society struggles in knowing what to ‘do’ with them. In my opinion this is part of the problem.

Why do we have to ‘do’ anything with them, is it the fact that there are children with issues or is that they do not fit into the old model of life. They are magnifying the fact that our existence and way of being is outdated.

The health of this group has deteriorated in many ways and is showing us clearly what and where things need to be changed. It’s not the child that needs to be fixed but the environment that we all live in and the one we are leaving them. We need to find a new way and the children are guiding us.

But are we listening??

My heart- breaks seeing them struggle to live up to expectations or live in confusion and frustration as their natural way of being is seen as defunct and broken. Some children do need extra support, most just need to be accepted and acknowledged as they are.

I watch children come into my clinic with parents bemused and exhausted (filled with so much love) but who are at a complete loss at what to do...

Their go to tools that are a collection of what they have seen their parents do, a combined effort of parenting styles between two parents and in some cases lead by their intuition in knowing what is right for their special offspring.

Intuitive parenting is a lost art that unfortunately I do not see enough, in clinic or in life in general. Many have lost the ability or never had it to begin with, to tap into their inner knowing of what is right for themselves, let alone their child. Looking for help and guidance from everyone else. But not trusting themselves in knowing with what sits right for them or their Family.

This is not a criticism ,just an observation. Asking for help is fine, but relying on others guidance to decide what is right, is another story. In my work watching those light bulbs going off for Families as the reconnection and deeper insights occur is a truly powerful thing to be a part of.

When making a choice for your child ,are you being guided by fear or Faith?

Are you grounded and present to the here and now or are you living in the future and focusing all the things could go wrong?

Are you loving the child you have or desiring the one you thought you would have? If the answer is the later.

My question is why?

Our children see and feel, what we feel especially the unspoken things. They are guided by us in who they are and look to us in many ways to define them and set a foundation of their relationship with themselves. Help them have a solid foundation that they can rely on. They are watching everything we do, they are learning. Are we teaching them lessons that will help or hinder them?

Trust yourself no one knows your child better than you, no matter how many degrees they have.

Stop seeing all the things that are deemed as wrong and see all the things that are right.

Love them just as they are, accept and acknowledge ALL of them.

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