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Souls Retrieval

How is it you have navigated this World so far?

Has it been a walk in the park, a nightmare from the beginning, a bit up, a bit down but generally ok or something completely different to all I’ve shared.

Our paths, our lessons, our expressions and understanding of ourselves and our place amongst it all, never ceases to amaze me. Witnessing the realisations of what this is, why this is and who this unique soul is amongst it as you feel their eyes, their heart, the energy feel safe enough to land here, to remain in the body to process what has actually been occurring.

I can see and feel this is happening for so many of you. The view is becoming clearer in certain aspects in certain ways especially in places you didn’t even realise your view was skewed or altered and with that comes a sense of ‘what the’ what have I been seeing and thinking then and why?!?

There can be moments of what do I trust then. If I thought that was like that and it was guaranteed to be and now I can clearly see it wasn’t….what does that mean???

How can I trust myself and my perceptions.

Take heart Dear one this is merely part of the reconfiguration and the embodiment of you. So as you integrate into yourself on a much deeper level your abilities and information that has been laying dormant comes to be known. It is nothing to fear or be distressed about.

Be gentler and softer with yourself, kind and heart centred, patient and thoughtful. There is much more that is and will come to light. You are ready - even if you doubt it. You will settle into this soon enough and remember in small and significant ways you always knew this, you knew there would come a day this would come to pass.

Bit for now you are in the space between here and there. On the bridge of integration or your own souls retrieval it’s, yours capacity and abilities on a much wider scope.

Your not feeling like yourself or sure if your decisions or choices in the here now as well as reviewing what has passed is understandable. Be mindful and present to this there is a tendency to slip into the space of catastrophising, self judgment and viewing others and self with critical eyes and Mind.

Questioning everything, all that you thought was rock solid, all who you have relied upon as well as yourself.

This is healthy and appropriate it can also trio you up and lead you into a cycle of fear if you let it. Remain grounded, reach out for help as you need it - less is more.

You are doing so well- even if you aren’t feeling like it at this point and time.

You’ve got this Be Well, Clare xo


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