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What I can see and feel for so many of you at the moment is how much you are holding your breathe, how shallow your breath is and how much it is impacting your presence, your ability to ground, to regulate your system, to think clearly. You ability to process information, to calm and centre yourself is impacted. There is a heightening of your senses, it is essential and beneficial to come back into your body, to do this the breath allows for a sense of safety within yourself.

Come back to your breath, take your time, allow space to connect with it.

Breathe if for 2, Exhale for 4, Breathe in for 4, Exhale for 6, Breathe in for 6, Exhale for 8, Breathe in for 8, Exhale for 12

Pay attention over today to where your breathe is, is it catching, shallow or restricted in anyway.

Relax your shoulders, feel the weight of your body wherever your are sitting or standing, open your chest- even sticking it out a little bit and then breathe from here, focusing on it, feeling and enjoying it.

Be Well, Clare xo


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