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Is Identifying different to Labelling?

Each time we externalise what is playing out internally we can believe or attach it to an idea, an identity that misconstrues you and your reality. We become confused and misunderstand and attempt to escape what is within as the mind cannot grapple with it.

If you were to view each thing that comes into your field as an expression of what is repressed within you. Without shame, blame, guilt or disgust but rather just observe with an open mind and an open heart. Would you feel more powerless?? Or empowered in realising there is an opportunity to observe it with fresh eyes as well as feel what needs to be felt to let it be processed.

We see unravelling as something that is ‘wrong’ where in most cases it is merely the way your being is attempting to find its equilibrium amongst the chaos we are continually creating, connecting to and expanding upon.

The revelations that are rising for us as individuals and as a collective are holding a mirror back at us.

We can try to cover what we see but we still know it’s there. It’s like a child playing hide and seek just because they don’t see us does not mean we can’t see them.

Identifying is different to labelling as we gain clarity rather than restriction. We accept the way it is as well as come to understand our part in it without being consumed by it.

We are mastering our ways, we are embodying what has always been here and in doing so what can be perceived as everything going wrong is in reality everything being revealed so that you know on every level the what’s and the why’s and you can discern what is required from you if anything.

Go gently as this comes to light.

Be mindful of the tendency to make it worse because of your judgement of it and the narrative that is wanting to feed it.

Realise more often than not where your heart is and what it is feeling, communicating and listen.

Emotions aren’t a problem they are a way that the energy can be integrated and the build up relieved.

Be kinder to yourself and others than you think you need to be.

The recognition and remembering of your multidimensionality, whilst doing this in form is significant.

Pace yourself this is not a race it will go at a variety of speeds in one moment that is the way of it.


Be well, Clare xo


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