• Clare Deale

Tender Hearts

The tender heart is a vessel who holds its own light, it’s own frequency, it’s own Divine intelligence.

It allows itself to feel everything not from the place of the victim but rather from the place of the conscious.

It knows to be, to feel, to see, to trust. The heart holds the keys, The heart holds the answers to every question, the balm to every pain, It reveals the depth, It opens everything up from a place of excitement and willingness to go there. It can and has been believed to be fragile and incapable, It’s powers, It’s way have been suppressed, Misunderstood, Undervalued and conditioned to numb at all cost.

What is unfolding is activating, pulsing, photonic light rays moving through every cell. The hearts rise up and out to meet it, calling it in to merge, To alchemise.

Breathe Dear one, recognise the way you go to stop this process. Be conscious of the fact you can and are being called from within to try another way. Feel the potency and potential here and expand upon it even further.

Yes you are that powerful

Be Well, Clare xo


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