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Tolerance can present in many ways. We can tolerate another’s behaviour because of the imbalance of power, we don’t want to ruffle feathers, we dislike confrontation etc.

Tolerating something is like a slow leak of power from your energy field, each time you swallow your words, each time you want to stand up for your rights or someone else’s and you don’t, each time you agree to something that insults your soul etc, you add another layer to the story that you are unable to do anything about it.

Each time you suppress who you are and how you feel you close a part of yourself down. So many physical symptoms can present fatigue, migraines, spaciness, a general sense of being vague, just to name a few. Tolerance is a pressure valve, it is not meant to fix anything but hold energy at bay until you are ready and feeling strong enough to express it. If you are being disrespected by anyone.

Ask yourself why do you tolerate it. If you disagree with someone about something that is a core value to you but you swallow your words.

Check in why you tolerate it. If you find the behaviours of others cruel, heartless, inhumane.

Ask yourself why you tolerate it. Until we start facing our own demons and acknowledge what and why we suppress so much we remain a prisoner to it.

If you are tolerating your own ‘bad’ behaviour. Why are you tolerating it?!

Ask yourself the tough questions?

Start facing what you have avoided, to release yourself from the vice it has you in, even if you are unaware of it.

Be Well, Clare xo


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